eHarv “e1” Charger

High quality “e1” charger is designed for people who cycle in the nature or traveling on the Bicycle, exploring different countries on two wheels. Therefore, it is specifically designed for bicycle trip environment where average speed is about 18-21 km/h. With mentioned moderate speed, it is possible to charge your devices almost as quickly as you charge at home. How to charge devices while cycling? You need:

  • Your Lovely Bicycle
  • “e1” charger
  • Hub Dynamo (Recommended) or Bottle Dynamo
  • Your any device with USB Cable.

When you get our e-charger, simply Mount it on the Frame, Handle bar or You can put in your Bicycle Bag. Connect it to Hub Dynamo and it is ready to use. You can charge: 

  • Android Phone (Any of them)
  • iPhone
  • Camera (Any videocamera)
  • GPS
  • PowerBank
  • Other electronic devices

Tips: If you connect your PowerBank to “e1” and charge your devices using PowerBank, you will build PowerChain. In that case, you will get Long term energy from Hub dynamo to your PowerBank and you can charge devices from PowerBank during you whole adventure on the Bicycle.

Characteristics of the product as follows:

  • Input: 2-3 Watt; 5-6 Volt
  • Output Voltage: 5.10 Volt
  • Out current: up to 1.5 Amps

“e1” Charger Dimensions: 110 x 30 mm;

Weight: 110 gr.


Price:  EUR 45.99 (For Limited time)

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Product description

The charger should be connected to a dynamo on a bicycle to charge USB devices. “e1” and “e2” chargers are equipped with speed-adoptable technology which extracts enough power even in a moderate speed. Moreover, every product has a microcontroller which controls and adopts the power voltage which is generated from the dynamo, in order to charge your device safe and fast. The products are weather resistible, durable and waterproof.

eHarv “e2” Charger

“e2” product is dedicated to private customer segment where all people, who do nature trips and cycle long distance benefits a lot. The electronics is made for higher power output in a high speed of cycling and the product it self is portable. It is capable of outputting 5.5 W at 23 km/h and 10 W can be achieved at about 30 km/h. Characteristics of the product as follows:

  • Output Voltage: 5.10 V
  • Out current: up to 2 A
  • Battery Capacity: 4500 mAh

Product is under development!


Our “e” line products give you an opportunity to charge your devices by using electricity produced from a dynamo while you are enjoying the cycle. You can charge your devices as fast as you do at Home, in the speed of 18-23 km/h. Simply, connect your device that can be charged via a USB port into “e” product and get the power instantly.


Q: What kind of devices I can charge?

A: Any devices, which can be charged by USB chargers (e.g. Phones, Camera, GPS, tablets, Lights, Power Bank).

Q: Are “e1” and “e2” chargers compatible with any dynamo?

A: The chargers are compatible with both Bottle/Side Dynamo and Hub Dynamo. The effectiveness of chargers higher when you are using Hub Dynamo. When Chargers are used with Bottle dynamo, it requires more time to generate enough electricity. 

Q: How fast does it charge?

A: The charging period depends on the speed of cycling. When riding 18-21 km/h, charger (with Hub Dynamo) outputs 1 Amp and charges at the same speed as a conventional power outlet (which you use at home).

eHarv “e1” Charger Manual